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The Jesus Way – Week 4

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Main Idea     

Silence and solitude are vital practices to embrace if we want to grow in living the way of Jesus.  



What is something you enjoy doing to help you rest?  



How can we pray for you and/or your family?  


Spend some time praying together based on what was shared.  



Assign someone different to read each of the following passages to your group:  Matthew  3:16-4:1-4, Mark 1:35-39, Luke 5:15-16, Mark 6:30-36. Then, discuss: 

  • What do you notice about Jesus’ practice of silence and solitude?  

  • How comfortable are you practicing silence and solitude? Why do you enjoy it or not enjoy it?  

  • Do you have any rhythms of silence and solitude with God in your lifeIf not, how do you think you could be more intentional about following Jesus in this practice? What questions do you have about it?  


Make sure to encourage your group that practicing silence and solitude is not an effort to earn God’s acceptance, but to rest and enjoy His presence.  



Have your group practice silence and solitude with Psalm 131:1-3.  

  • Have your group read the passage on their own and spend 10 minutes with God in silent prayer and meditation 


Bring your group back together to share how the silent time impacted them. Then, encourage your group to spend some time in silence with God to start and end their day this week.  


Before you close your group, spend some time praying together to experience more peace, rest, and security in your relationship with Jesus.  

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