This Week's Study Guide

Verse x Verse – Week 1

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Main Idea     

The Gospel teaches us that we are more sinful and broken than we ever imagined, yet at the same time, we are more loved and accepted than we ever dared to dream.   



What is the most impactful letter or note you have ever received?  How did it impact you?  



How can we pray for you and/or your family?  


Spend some time praying together as the Holy Spirit leads. 



As a group, read Romans 8. Have each person read a couple verses at a time until you finish, with everyone listening for a word or phrase that sticks out to them the most. Then, discuss:  

  • Which word or phrase did God highlight for you?  Why is it significant to you?  


Now, give everyone 15 minutes to spend time reading and reflecting on Romans 8 on their own and practice SOAPS.  

  • S: Scripture: Read the passage a few times. 
  • O:  Observe: Write down some observations about what the passage says about 1) God, 2) you, 3) what God wants for and from you. 
  • A: Application: What is a specific way this passage challenges you to think or live differently?  
  • P: Prayer: How can we pray for you to apply that truth to your life?  
  • S: Share: Concisely, write down the most significant truth about this passage you would want to share with someone else.  


Bring the group back together to share the observations you made and how this practice impacted them.  


Then, break up into groups of 2-4 to share your application and prayer requests. Spend time praying for each other to have the courage to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading in your life and to become more deeply rooted in the Gospel.  



Before you close, encourage your group to engage with the Hope in Real Life reading plan for this series to help you practice different ways of engaging Scripture together.  

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