We want to celebrate the 93 sponsorships that came out of this year’s Sponsorship Weekend. To those of you who stepped out in faith, know that you are directly impacting the course of these children’s lives forever. For those of you who missed the chance, it’s not too late to get involved.
Watoto is a church in Uganda and South Sudan that brings hope and healing to vulnerable women and children. More than 3,000 children have found caring homes and families within the Watoto community where their physical, emotional and educational needs are met.  Because of Watoto, more than 35,000 lives have been transformed through the love of Jesus.
By sponsoring a Watoto child, you will be providing everything this child needs to grow up happy, healthy and loved.
Click below to get to know some of the children waiting to be sponsored.

Sponsor a life.
Change a story.


Hope is committed to helping vulnerable women and children, and we are proud to be continuing our partnership with Watoto. In addition to the 256 child sponsorships that came out of Sponsorship Weekend at Hope in 2020, Hope has supported Watoto over the years by helping to build a worship center in Laminadera and sending mission teams to work with Watoto children, moms, vulnerable women and college students.

Through Watoto Sponsorship Weekend, entire communities can be transformed for generations to come through God’s love and your generosity. Click here to learn more about Global Hope.


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