Obstacle Course Week 1

Main Idea
We all hit speed bumps and barriers in life but we have to realize that those obstacles are God’s way of preparing and growing us so we can have the biggest possible impact.  

Some people have nightmares about being unprepared for a test in school, have you ever failed an exam?  

Share something from your past that was really hard in the moment but God ended up working through it and changed you for good.  

Read James 1:2-4
James says that each time we “fall” into a trial it’s really another chance to test our faith in God and if we choose to trust, several things will change in us. Which of the changes James lists would you want the most in your life right now? 

Each time we feel impatient, that’s a clue that our faith, our expectations about us and God are being challenged. What is one area that you’ve felt impatient recently? What expectation is being “tested” by this circumstance?  

 Read James 1:5
Why do you think James connects patience and asking God for wisdom? 

 What is one area of life that you need more wisdom? Have you invited God to speak into this

As a group, pray specifically for each other, that God would give each person His wisdom in the areas we need it most.