Lessons From A Quarantine Week 1

Main Idea
We serve an awesome God who loved us enough to create a world that was perfect, while also allowing humanity the freedom to reject His perfect plan.

Have you ever had a moment where you planned something that you intended to be helpful or funny that ended up going horribly wrong? Share it with the group

Where have you seen God working in middle of the Covid-19 season? Where have you seen God answer prayer? How have you grown spiritually? (Choose one)

Read Genesis 3:6-10
This past weekend, Mike shared said that our “sin nature” is one of the reasons for the brokenness in the world and why we’ll continue to go through difficulties like the Covid-19 season we are in currently.

Our “sin nature” is the awareness to choose right and wrong along with an internal desire to reject the plans God desires for us to make.

Question: At what point in this passage did Adam and Eve’s “sin nature” become evident? How is humanity directly affected by Adam and Eve’s decision to disobey God?

Read Psalm 13
Despite the pain and struggles David was going through, he closes this Psalm by reminding of us of where his hope lies.

Question: How do think David found the strength to declare God’s goodness even in the midst of his difficult circumstances?

Where have you underestimated to significance of sin or the role sin played in causing the brokenness, pain, and strife we see in the world?