Counter Culture

March 6 - April 10, 2022

In recent decades, popular culture has been trending away from a Christian worldview and all of the sudden, being a Christ-follower is becoming counter-cultural. In this series, we will be digging into what the Bible teaches us in 1 Peter about going against the grain of society. We’ll tackle topics like hope, love, submission, suffering and more.
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Week 1: Different Culture, Same Enemy

The world is becoming increasingly secular, and Christians are simply not the majority anymore. In this sermon, Chase Gardner outlines two truths that will give Christians the right perspective on how to be counter-cultural in the world today.

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Week 2: Hold on to Holiness

These days, it can be challenging for Christians to not conform their beliefs to popular culture’s. In this message, Chase Gardner outlines 3 motivations for Christ-followers to hold on to holiness in the world today.

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Week 3: Unshakable Hope

With mental health, addiction, and suicide rates increasing rapidly, it’s not always easy to remain hopeful. In this sermon, Jason Gore shares three keys that will help us all navigate life with an unshakeable hope.

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Week 4: The 'S' Word

Many of us can easily think of an authority figure in our life who we have struggled to follow. In this sermon, Chase Gardner explains how important it is that we honor authority and choose to submit for God’s sake.

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Week 5: Take Down Defense

Most Christians don’t suffer the physical oppression described in the Bible but, in today’s world, many can experience a different form of persecution. In this message, Chase Gardner shares 3 keys that will help you handle persecution in the workplace, at school, in social settings, and even at home. 

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Week 6: Three Characteristics of Christian Love​

Christians are called to love each other deeply, but this is easier said than done.  In this message, Ayren Nelson shares 3 characteristics of Christian love that can not only help you live up to this calling but also better understand God’s love for you.