Characters: Finding Your Role In the Story

February 6 - February 27, 2022

For many of us, it’s easy to live as if we are the main character of our story, but God calls us to center our life on someone else – Jesus. In this sermon series, we will be unpacking this idea and how we can discover our unique role in a greater story that involves all of us. This is a journey of sacrifice, humility, and character change, that sets us up to see what God can do through a servant who says “yes” to the needs in front of them.
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Week 1: Who Is The Main Character?

Many of us believe that we are the main character in our life stories. In this sermon, Chase Gardner reveals that we only play a minor role in God’s greater story.

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Week 2: What Is Your Role in the Story?

If we’re not the main character, what is our purpose in God’s story? In this sermon, Chase Gardner explains the role that a Christ-follower is called to play.

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Week 3: What If..?

What if instead of being paralyzed by fear, we were mobilized by faith? In this sermon, Ayren Nelson teaches us to let God change our “what if” to a “why not?”

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Week 4: How God Use Minor Characters in Major Ways

We often want to serve where our gifts and talents can shine the brightest, but God wants us to meet the biggest needs first. In this sermon, Chase Gardner asks us to start with the little things and see where God will take us.