Asking for a Friend series

Asking for a Friend

May 8 - June 5, 2022

Whether you're asking for a friend or yourself, it's normal to have questions about faith. We decided to poll the people of Hope for the big questions that you've never had a good answer for. Throughout this 5-week series, we're tackling some of the most commonly asked and important questions with practical and biblically founded perspectives that can build your faith and help you share it with your community.

If you're wanting to dive deeper into any of the questions below, check out some of resources that guided our teaching team as they prepared for these messages. 
Play Video about Is the Bible Reliable Sermon

Week 1: Is the Bible Reliable?

Many people have wondered how a book written thousands of years ago and translated hundreds of times could be reliable. In this message, Chase Gardner tackles this question, offering context on Bible variants and what all of it should mean for you and your faith.

Play Video about Does Science Contradict Religion

Week 2: Does Science Contradict Religion?

Sometimes it can seem like science is at odds with religion, making it hard to believe in the God of the Bible. In this message, Chase Gardner teaches that science doesn’t contradict Christianity at all. In fact, he argues that science points to God as the ultimate creator, meaning that it can be a source to increase our faith, not decrease it. 

Play Video about Why is There Suffering

Week 3: If God Is Good, Why Is There Suffering?

In times of suffering, we often turn to God for understanding. In this message, Teaching Pastor Chase Gardner offers a powerful perspective on suffering in the world.

Play Video about What Happens When We Die?

Week 4: What Happens When We Die?

We’ve all wondered what will happen when we die, but many of us don’t really know. In this message, Chase Gardner uses scripture to give us a better idea of what to expect. He goes on to reveal that knowing what happens when you die will dramatically change the way you live your life until that time comes.

Play Video about How Do We Love People We Disagree With

Week 5: How Do We Love People We Disagree With?

Whether it’s on social media or around the water cooler, it’s becoming harder than ever to love people we disagree with. In this message, Duane Calvin talks about how we can use grace and truth as guiding principles to do it best.