How To Lose A Relationship In 5 Weeks

January 8, 2023 - February 5, 2023

Over the past few decades, social media and the amount of time we spend online has dramatically changed the way we relate to each other. As a result, we’ve developed some pretty bad habits when it comes to relationships—with friends, family, coworkers, roommates… you name it. In this series, we’ll see what help God has to offer as we navigate relationships in this strange, new digital era.
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4 Steps to Conflict Resolution | Chase Gardner

We are digitally connected to more people than ever before—but instead of leading to unity, greater connection has led to division, rudeness, and some overall bad behavior. In a time when conflict management seems to have become a lost art, Chase Gardner shares some tips on healthy (and biblical) ways to handle conflict.

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What is the Heart of Acceptance? | Chase Gardner

Acceptance is something we all struggle with. We all want to be accepted, but accepting others can be challenging and even confusing. In week two of the series, Chase Gardner shares a biblical perspective on acceptance.

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Apathy: The Relationship Killer | Ayren Nelson

Apathy is a silent relationship killer. It’s rarely a choice—it’s something that just sort of happens over time. In week 3 of the series, Ayren Nelson shares 3 reasons we drift toward relational apathy and some tips for how to avoid it.

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Forgive and Forget? The Real Key to Forgiveness | Chase Gardner

You’ve heard the saying, “Forgive and Forget,” but is that really how it works? Despite the fact that Jesus spent a lot of time speaking about forgiveness, many of us don’t fully understand what it means or how to practically walk it out. In the final week of the series, Chase Gardner clears up a common myth about forgiveness and helps us understand the why, when, and how of forgiving those who have hurt us.