Marriage Circles

Every marriage needs encouragement.

Marriage Circles was designed for married couples to complete in groups with other couples. It’s possible for you to work through the entire workbook with only your spouse, but you will be missing a vital aspect of growing in marriage: community with others. Your struggles are not unique. Sharing and hearing from other couples will encourage both your marriage and theirs. 

To begin, find at least one other couple (no more than 5 couples) who will agree to join you. If you’re in a small group that is entirely comprised of married couples, you can start there!

Download the Marriage Circles workbook below. Keep scrolling for some tips on getting started.

Guide for getting started.

Below is our recommendation for using our curriculum. Before the scheduled group discussions: 

  • Print out two copies of the Marriage Circles Workbook—one for you and one for your spouse. 
  •  Spend time on your own reading the included Bible verses and jotting down your responses to each discussion question. 
  •  Schedule a time each week for a 1-on-1 conversation with your spouse to share your written responses before your
    group meets. If you aren’t having weekly 1-on-1 conversations with your spouse to review your responses, you aren’t doing Marriage Circles! Put this on the calendar or it may not happen. 
  •  Use the suggested “conversation starters” any time throughout the week to connect meaningfully. 
  •  Complete the weekly “challenges.” (Spoiler: Some are especially fun!) 
  • At your comfort level, be ready to share about your experience and responses with the group. 

Class Details

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Spring 2021

Price: $20.00

Spring 2021

Price: $20.00

Spring 2021

Price: $20.00

Spring 2021

Price: $20.00

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