August 6, 2023 - September 3, 2023

This 5-week series takes a deep dive into the Book of Daniel and what it looks like to live a godly life in a godless culture. That’s the type of circumstance Daniel found himself in, and it really speaks to the culture we’re living in right now. And through this series we want to talk not just about how do we survive, but how do we thrive?
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People of Conviction | Chase Gardner

Are you starting to feel singled out and ostracized because you’re a Christian? Well, you’re not alone! There seems to be a lot of anger and hate in the world right now, and God is often labeled as the problem instead of the solution. This week, Chase Gardner, our Teaching Pastor, will share how we can live in a hostile world with conviction and integrity.

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How Does God Use Influence? | Chase Gardner

Do you believe that God can use the obedience of one person to change the world? In week two of the series, Teaching Pastor Chase Gardner reveals the power of influence and its Kingdom impact.

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Walking Through the Fire: Testing Obedience | Eric Timm

Obeying God is an act of worship. When we’re obedient, God opens doors for others to encounter Him. What’s God calling you into? Hear from Bible teacher, public speaker, and live painting artist, Eric Timm, as he takes us through Daniel chapter 3.

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The Power of Humility | Chase Gardner

Have you ever walked away from a situation or job feeling pretty impressed with yourself, arrogant in your success and thinking nothing could stop you? Then, you were hit with a crisis, and you felt like God turned His back on you? This weekend, Chase Gardner, our Teaching Pastor, will share why these things might happen and how to avoid the pitfalls by following the example Jesus humbly gave to us. 

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Thriving in a Hostile Culture | Chase Gardner

Do you feel like it’s becoming harder and harder to be a Christian today? How should we live out our faith when we could be ridiculed and persecuted? As we finish our series in Daniel, Chase Gardner, our Teaching Pastor, will help us to face our circumstances with humility and courage in a hostile world.