We are excited to announce that Jason Gore will be the new Lead Pastor of Hope Community Church. 

We are encouraged by Jason’s vision and his commitment to Hope’s continued growth and impact.

After much prayer and consideration, the Elders have appointed Jason Gore as the new Lead Pastor of Hope Community Church. Even though Jason as been acting as the Executive Pastor for the last three years and has essentially been running the day-to-day operations, the Elders have decided to use a different approach to ministry moving forward. Many churches are based on a model where the Lead Pastor is the same minister who teaches every weekend, but this can stretch one person to the breaking point. The Elders saw the wisdom in spreading out the responsibilities. While Jason may be teaching on occasion, Hope will continue looking for a Lead Teaching Pastor to work with Jason and the teaching team currently on staff. We are so fortunate to already have solid, gifted speakers, and we want to enhance that with bringing in someone new for teaching versus a complete replacement of our former model. 
In all things, our reliance will stay focused on the life-changing relationship we can have with Jesus Christ. Who we are as a church, what we stand for and how we work in and out of our community will not change. It is in our DNA, and we will continue to reach the triangle so that we can change the world! Please walk this road with us and pray for our leaders especially Jason Gore as he begins this new role.
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In our context, the Lead Pastor is the individual who is in charge of leading the vision, guarding the mission and creating a good culture for our staff/church. Jason Gore has been working as the Executive Pastor for the last few years, so he has been doing many of these jobs already. The difference is that he is now stepping into the Lead Pastor role as the point person for our church.
For the model of church we’re trying to go after, the Lead Pastor is not necessarily the lead communicator on the weekend. Often a person who has the gift of speaking doesn’t always have the organizational talents to run an organization the size of Hope across multiple campuses and countries. In this scenario, the Lead Teaching Pastor would a gifted communicator who is able to teach the Gospel while calling our community to something more.

Yes. We will continue to look for a person to step into the Lead Teaching role. Fortunately, Hope is blessed with talented communicators currently on our staff who are able to keep us moving forward.