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King and a Kingdom

Week 4 – Give Generously 

Life is becoming more difficult as we face growing challenges in this world. On every front, it seems like we have opposition whether it’s over our children, our marriages, our work or our beliefs. How do we live Christian lives in spite of the problems?  

One way to glorify God and demonstrate “Kingdom Living” is through our generosity. 

Biblical Generosity is “the giving of our resources (time, talent, and treasure) to build up His Kingdom. Not simply out of abundance but also out of sacrifice.”

God’s Word gives instruction and inspiration about generosity.

Jesus goes straight to an area where many of us struggle to be generous, our treasure.

Attributes that separate earthly treasures from heavenly treasures:

“When we leave this world, do you want to be known as one who accumulated treasure on earth that you couldn’t keep? Or will you be recognized as one who invested treasures in heaven that couldn’t be lost?” — Randy Alcorn

We often value earthly treasures so much because when we see them, we want them.

Jesus explains how we can’t serve two masters.

Many people aren’t generous because of fear and worry about not having enough, but Jesus has an answer.

Things to keep in mind as we give:

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