Worship team

The music at Hope is contemporary and exciting and led by teams of musicians and singers who have a heart for truly worshipping God. Though made up of different experiences, backgrounds and strengths, the worship teams share a passion for the Savior and for praising Him, and for leading others to do the same. The music ministry is led by music director Karl Moraski.

Vocal Worship Teams
Vocal Worship Teams are for auditioned singers who can learn music and vocal parts quickly, blend extremely well, are suited stylistically to the music sung at Hope, are available to sing at a moment's notice, and are extremely flexible and spiritually mature. There are currently three six-member teams (2 sopranos, 2 altos, 2 tenors/baritones) which rotate on a weekly basis and are responsible to sing at all weekend services. Singers also sing together at various holiday and special events as scheduled.

When auditions are held, singers must have one song prepared to sing as a soloist using an accompaniment CD. Auditioners will not be allowed to sing a cappella or accompany themselves. Singers will want to choose something that best shows vocal talent. This will assist the director in determining pitch control and quality/style of vocals. There may or may not be time listen to an entire song so singers should be warmed up and ready to sing before arriving.

If auditioning as an alto or tenor/baritone, you will also be asked to sing in small groups (following solo auditions) to assess vocal blending, ability to sing harmony and ability to retain harmonies taught.

Instrumental Worship Teams
The musicians in the worship band are selected by audition and must exhibit spiritual maturity, be a regular part of the fellowship and be of a high musical caliber.

Those auditioning as an instrumentalist have the option of preparing a piece for presentation. However, instrumentalists will also be asked to play some songs typically offered in our weekend services and that should be fairly familiar to those auditioning. There will also be a bit of on the spot learning as the band often learns new songs during weeknight rehearsals which must be prepared for the coming weekend's services, so speed of learning is definitely a requirement. This audition will resemble a weeknight rehearsal. Technical skills, improvisational skills and learning abilities will all be assessed. A rhythm section will be in attendance at the auditions and instrumentalists will be plugged in one at a time.

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