Teaching Team

We are excited to announce that Chase Gardner will be the first member of the Teaching Team at Hope Community Church.

Read through the FAQs below to learn more about our new Teaching Team at Hope.

We invite you to listen to Lead Pastor Jason Gore explaining the new teaching team model for Hope.

No. Hope’s teaching is comprised of a teaching team. Of that team, Chase Gardner is our primary communicator. But, there are other teachers we will hear from as the team develops. 

Chase Gardner is the Teaching Pastor at Hope Community Church. Chase is the first member of our teaching team. He will communicate around 60% of the time here at Hope. Other members of the team will communicate as well. 

The Leadership of Hope believes that leaving all of the teaching responsibilities to one person is not the best for our congregation or for our teachers. Because of this conviction, a team of teachers will be put in place to teach God’s Word to our people. Chase Gardner will be the primary communicator. We will hear from him around 60% of the time. We will also hear from Jason Gore, our Lead Pastor, about 6-8 weekends a year.  Other teachers will be added as partnerships develop. 

Chase Gardner is our primary communicator. Jason Gore, our Lead Pastor, will also be teaching 6-8 times a year. We are also looking to partner with another church. As part of that relationship, teaching duties could be requested of them 6-8 times a year. 

The primary communicator role is only part of the Teaching Pastor role. In addition to communicating 60% of the time, Chase is also responsible for developing the other teachers we have at Hope.  Because of this, Chase will not be able to continue as the Raleigh Campus Pastor. We will begin interviewing for that position very soon. Chase will not fully transition to that role until the Raleigh Campus Pastor position is filled.

If you have any questions, please contact us at questions@gethope.net