Message series

Rich People Syndrome

February 12, 2012 - March 11, 2012

We ran out of bottled water so we have to get it from the faucet. Our treadmill is broken so we have to run outside. We’re craving Chick-fil-a but it's Sunday. First world problems? Check. Rich people syndrome? Check. Does God have anything to say about this? Check. 

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Your Life Well Spent

March 4, 2012

Will we one day be able to say that both our resources and our life were equally well spent?

How Do We Ease the Squeeze?

February 26, 2012

We're often a discontented people who never feel we have enough and then feel stressed when dealing with all we do have. What's the key to contentment? 

Making Room For What Matters

February 19, 2012

Just like the show "Storage Wars," we often accumulate more than we need or really know what to do with. How do we stop the madness?

When Enough is Not Enough

February 12, 2012

We have so much more than we realize. What's God's take on that? And does our take on it line up with His?