Prayer Ministry

In the Bible there are numerous records of short, simple and bold prayers. God wants us to go confidently before Him and delights when we ask Him for the desires of our hearts.

In Matthew 21 Jesus says that His house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations. Because of this, we believe that Hope is to be known for the activity of prayer. In John 5:30 Jesus says that He can do nothing by Himself but it is the Father that works in and through Him. The same applies to us. When we work, we work. But when we pray, GOD works.

If would like to submit a prayer request please click here. 

What does it mean to be a prayer ministry volunteer?
It means you are involved in at least one of the following activities:

    1.  Pray after special services/for special events. 
              There are special services/events where available prayer partners are used to pray with the                           congregation/event participants.

    2.  Pray over email prayer requests.
              You agree to receive email prayer requests from  All emails are considered
              confidential unless otherwise noted by the sender.
    3.  Attend prayer meetings.
               Raleigh Campus:  1st Thursday of each month in the Chapel from 7-8:45 pm.  Every Thursday                        morning in the Chapel starting at 10am. 
If you are interested in becoming a prayer ministry volunteer, you can sign up online here.

Upcoming Prayer Events

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