Past Messages

  • Too Busy To Listen

    We do a lot of talking to God, a lot of asking, bartering, demanding. What if God doesn't want to do something or fix something? What if He just wants to say something. Are you too busy to listen?


    September 6/7, 2014

    Know It and Sow It

    August 30/31, 2014

    How To Beat Busyness

    August 23/24, 2014

    Learn To Be Still

    August 16/17, 2014

    Less Talking. More Reading.

    August 9/10, 2014

    Shut Up and Listen

    August 2/3, 2014

  • Literally

    Can we trust the Bible completely? Is it sufficient for our complicated lives? Can we really know what it teaches? Discover what the Bible says about itself and why a book written thousands of years ago is still relevant to your life today.

    God's Word Is Enough

    July 26/27, 2014

    God's Word Is Necessary

    July 19/20, 2014

    God's Word Is Knowable

    July 12/13, 2014

  • Summer Blockbusters

    Murder. Adultery. Greed. The great stories of the Bible read like a Hollywood script. But what do these stories have to do with your life today? And where do you fit in God's epic story? 


    July 5/6, 2014


    June 28/29, 2014


    June 21/22, 2014


    June 14/15, 2014


    June 7/8, 2014

  • Simple Life: Relationships for Dummies

    We make relationships harder than they have to be. Complicated even. It all comes down to simply living life the way Jesus did, in our hearts and with our actions. It starts with understanding, and we can help with that.

    Humility for Dummies

    May 31/June 1, 2014

    Encouragement for Dummies

    May 24/25, 2014

    Acceptance for Dummies

    May 17/18, 2014

    Serving for Dummies

    May 10/11, 2014

    Forgiveness for Dummies

    May 3/4, 2014

    You’ve Been Invited…

    April 26/27, 2014

  • Third Day

    It was the day that changed the world. On the first day He was dead. On the third, He was alive again. What do you do with that? What do you do with Him?

    Third Day

    April 19/20, 2014

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