Bumper Crop

What is Bumper Crop?
The last weekend of each month, attendees are able to pick up a paper bag on their way out of each service and participate by filling the bags with non-perishable food. The following weekend attendees are reminded to bring their donation with them and leave the bag(s) behind their vehicle bumper. Volunteers will assist in the pick-up of all bags and ensure proper delivery.

To make a Bumper crop weekend successful we need a minimum of six volunteers and three to four vehicles (preferably at least one pick-up truck). The time commitment would be two weekends, all four services. There is some bag preparation needed before the weekend starts. While this is a great opportunity for groups to serve together, we also encourage individuals to sign up on their own.

Local Hope Coordinators
To get involved, contact one of our campus coordinators below.

Holly Springs campus – Jennifer Mitchell
Morrisville campus – Kelly Kibler
Raleigh Campus – Keshia Smith