Message series


September 17, 2011 - October 23, 2011

Transformation from the inside out. Renovations of the heart and soul. All part of God's design for teaching us to live lives of Godly character. With this 5-week sermon series, discover principles to help guide you through the maze of character challenges faced in today's world so you can emerge on the other side victoriously.

Watch a message in this series:

Curb Appeal: Outer expressions of inner virtue

October 23, 2011

When it all comes down to it, living a life of integrity should be evident to those with whom we come in contact. Wrapping up this series, Pastor Mike reminds us that as we submit ourselves to God, He gives our lives true curb appeal.

Holmes on Homes: Out with the old; in with the new

October 16, 2011

Global Hope Weekend: What Hope is up to around the world

October 9, 2011

As we break from our current sermon series for this special weekend of services, join us as we explore and celebrate the many ways your partnership with Hope is making an incredible difference around the world. 

Renovation Realities: Spiritual renovations for a better reality

October 2, 2011

If we try to change our attitudes or behaviors without dealing with our basic mind-set, the changes will only be temporary. This weekend discover how putting on the mind of Christ brings about a better life-changing reality. 

Hidden Potential: Discovering our character potential

September 25, 2011

We usually recognize virtue when we see it, but few of us can describe how it is developed. This weekend Pastor Mike lays out God’s plan for successful character development. 

Design Star: Designed by God from the inside out

September 18, 2011

Does Godly character really matter? Is total integrity in character and conduct vital to living a Christ honoring life? This weekend Pastor Mike reveals the blueprint of character design.