Family Ministries at Hope

So, what is Family Ministry?

Back in the 60’s church leaders were worried about the deterioration of the family and the morals in our society. They counteracted this with Sunday School contests and busses to pick up kids in the neighborhoods. It became really popular to send your kids to church, even if parents dropped them off.

When we began our children and student ministries years ago we knew we wanted the weekend service to be the best hour in their weeks. We put high priority on creating irresistible environments where kids could learn about how much God loves them and build relationships with leaders who cared about them.

What we started to see was a disconnect between what they learned at church and what they learned at home. We became aware of the need to come alongside parents in their effort to grow their children spiritually.

We know church environments are crucial but our time with your kids is limited. We only have about 40 hours a year with your kids, while as parents you have over 3,000 hours at home! We want to partner with parents to influence the next generation. By combining the influence of the church and the home we can make a greater impact than if we work alone. We need each other.

Our job is to build God’s kingdom in the hearts of moms and dads and sons and daughters. We are excited about the church and the family working together. This is family ministry at Hope!

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