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Too Busy To Listen

August 3, 2014 - August 24, 2014

We do a lot of talking to God, a lot of asking, bartering, demanding. What if God doesn't want to do something or fix something? What if He just wants to say something. Are you too busy to listen?

Messages in this series:

Know It and Sow It

August 30/31

Last week we learned how we can re-prioritize our values to defeat busyness and say "yes" to God. Join us this week as we learn how we can share our story with the people God has placed in our lives. 

How To Beat Busyness

August 23/24

Now that you know you're too busy--and how dangerous that can be--how do you fix your busyness problem?

Learn To Be Still

August 16/17

You're busy. Too busy. When was the last time you threw your To-Do list out the window and just stopped? To sit. To listen. To spend time with Jesus. Join us this weekend as we unpack how to get less busy in this crazy life. 

Less Talking. More Reading.

August 9/10

We all spend our lives trying to hear from God, but what if we’ve been doing it all wrong? Join us this weekend as we discuss how we can use the Bible as a tool through which God can speak to us.

Shut Up and Listen

August 2/3

God is the creator of communication, and communication is a 2-way street. Most of us are pretty good at talking at God but not at listening. Join us this  weekend as we discuss how to hear God above the clamor of our busy lives.

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