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September 14, 2014 - October 5, 2014

Redemption was always God's plan. And from the beginning, He knew we were going to screw it up. But that didn't change His plan. Come to the Epic series to hear the story from the beginning and learn why the most exciting chapter is just the beginning. 

Messages in this series:

The Promise

October 4/5


September 27/28

We've all experienced a broken promise at one point or another, but there is one promise that has never been broken. This weekend, find out more about this promise and why it was the best promise ever kept.

Coming Attraction

September 20/21

When we’re on the fence, we often question if we’ll be missing out on life when we follow Jesus. In reality, we’re missing out on God’s greatest gift. Join us this weekend as Pastor Mike unwraps this unique gift.

In Hot Pursuit

September 13/14

The Bible is God’s love story, but we don’t truly know how it unfolds until we seek a relationship with Him. Join us this weekend as Pastor Mike explores what happens when you fully let God in your life.

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