Celebrate Recovery

Are you in need of:
  • Christian companionship to grow and become strong?
  • Supportive, respectful and confidential sharing?
  • A place to learn and to grow spiritually?
  • Finding a turning point in your life?
  • A safe haven of refuge and caring?

Then Celebrate Recovery is a place for you!

Celebrate Recovery is a recovery ministry based on biblical principles with a goal to let God work through us in providing His healing power through a Christ-centered 12 Step program. Celebrate Recovery provides a safe place for individuals to begin their journey of breaking out from their bondage and into God's grace (II Corinthians 12:9) by helping them to start dealing with their life's hurts, hang-ups and habits. 

Overall, Celebrate Recovery emphasizes spiritual commitment to Jesus Christ as the Bible teaches that lasting recovery cannot happen without this step. Celebrate Recovery addresses all types of habits, hurts and hang-ups and is an umbrella program under which a limitless number of issues can be addressed.Meetings include worship, teaching, testimonies, and open share groups. No registration required and all are welcome.

Men:  Andy Fraraccio 
Women:  Bobbi Mullins