Bank Draft Giving

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Q: What is bank draft giving?
An automatic electronic transfer program that allows you make pre-scheduled monthly tithes without writing checks, creating a convenient avenue of giving for those who call Hope home.

Q: Why choose bank draft giving?
We try to create giving opportunities that come without pressure and that are easily accessible for those desiring to give. Bank draft giving allows you to prioritize your giving within your budget while saving you time. It also saves time on our end and helps to stabilize our budget.

Q: How does bank draft giving work?
You decide how much you want to give and choose when your donation is withdrawn from your account. You can choose between weekly (every Tuesday), semi-monthly (1st and 15) or monthly (1st or 15th).

Q: Is bank draft giving secure?
Bank draft giving is less risky than check contribution since your contribution cannot be lost, stolen or destroyed in the mail. Also, our accounting team will be the only ones to have access to your information and once it has been entered into our secure program it will be locked up in a file. We value the privacy of your information and will never share it with an outside party.

Q: Without canceled checks, how can I prove my contribution?
We will include your bank drafts on your contribution statement, and your bank statement gives you an itemized list of electronic transfers.

Q: What if I have a variable income?
If you live on a variable income, bank draft giving may not be the best option for you. We recommend utilizing your bank’s personal online banking system or writing personal checks.

Q: Can I give Hope a one-time gift?
At this time we are unable to process one-time bank drafts. If you would like to donate a one-time gift we would encourage you to take advantage of your bank’s personal online banking system, if available.
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Sign up

1. Fill out the authorization form here.
2. Turn in completed form by: bringing it to the church office, dropping it in an offering box at weekend services or mailing it to the church office (attn. Accounting Team).
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Cancel or change giving amount

  • E-mail the Accounting Team at and notify them of the change (please do not email account numbers).
  • Fill out the Automatic Giving Form and drop it in the offering box at weekend services.

No matter which option you choose, please include the following:

  • Name on the account.
  • Which date you have your tithe taken out (weekly, 1st and/or 15th).
  • What you would like changed (account info, amount, draft frequency change, cancellation, etc.).
  • Whether this change is temporary or permanent.
  • Signature (if you are putting note in tithe box).

NOTE: Change/Stop information must be submitted at least three business days prior to draft date.
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Contact Accounting Team

phone: 919.532.0620 x 146
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Church finances

As a church body, we desire to use financial resources, talents, and the influence of individuals to impact our local and global communities with the hope of Jesus Christ. 

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