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Stories and wins from Hope Community Church.
Updated: 23 weeks 3 days ago

How can I help you?

Sat, 2014-05-10 15:52
While I was raising my kids I never thought about writing to teach others how to raise their kids. That was far from my mind. I wasn’t a perfect parent. But we did a few things well, by the grace of God. One of the things we did was to teach our boys to serve […]

Mother’s Day 2014 – Mosaic Video

Fri, 2014-05-09 16:44
From every daughter, from every son – Happy Mother’s Day moms!

Simple Life Week 3 Study

Fri, 2014-05-09 12:00
Last week we asked you to cancel the debt of someone who wronged you. How has that decision impacted you and your relationships this week? What is the difference between success and significance? Share a time in your life when you feel like you did something truly significant. What about that moment made it significant? […]

12 Tweets During “Forgiveness For Dummies.”

Tue, 2014-05-06 11:02
During week two in the series “Simple Life: Relationships for Dummies” Pastor Mike spoke about forgiveness. These are a few of the many tweets you shared during the weekend. We forgive people, because we are forgiven….. #simplelife @get_hope — Amy Adams Mackey (@AmommaMac) May 3, 2014 “We don’t forgive because people deserve forgiveness, we forgive […]

I’m sorry, please forgive me.

Sat, 2014-05-03 18:11
So, we’ve all seen the following scenario played out in different forms. One child is playing with a toy and another takes the toy and makes the other child cry. The parent tells the child to give back the toy and say, “I’m sorry.” After some manipulation the toy gets thrown across the room and […]

Simple Life week 2 message based study

Fri, 2014-05-02 14:43
1. Last week we challenged you to show God’s love to someone in a tangible way. Share your experience with the group. 2. We laugh at Satan’s advice, but how often do we find ourselves taking that advice as truth – even offering it to others? Is it possible to forgive too much? 3. Which […]

“You’ve Been Invited…” Sermon Recap In 10 Tweets

Tue, 2014-04-29 13:56
A recap of Pastor Mike’s sermon, “You’ve Been Invited…,” in 140 characters or less (10 tweets). 1. “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” – Luke 6:31. #SimpleLife 2. The health & maturity of our relationship w/God is determined by the relationships around us. #SimpleLife 3. “A new command I give […]

The Day I Lied To The Internet

Mon, 2014-04-28 06:00
I lied on Instagram. OK, maybe it wasn’t a total lie. But it wasn’t the whole truth either. When I posted a photo of the sign pictured here that hangs above the door in my garage, the words I commented with it read, “Because I love seeing this when I come home at the end […]

Simple Life – House Rules

Sun, 2014-04-27 07:41
So, if you listened to this weekend’s message, you might wonder… How does this translate to our home? The gist of the application is that you can’t say you love God and not love others. We can’t treat a person or family member with disdain, disrespect, impatience or selfishness and then turn around and worship […]

Simple Life week 1 small group study

Fri, 2014-04-25 16:45
1. What stood out to you from Mike’s Easter message this? Share. Read Ephesians 4:1-3 2. How does Paul say we are to walk in a manner worthy of the calling we received? Who in your group exemplifies one of these traits? 3. Which of these traits do you most struggle with? 4. How does […]

Woody’s Small Group Story

Fri, 2014-04-25 14:57
When Woody decided to try small groups, he had no idea that this group would get him through one of toughest times in his life.

You’re Still Single? Part 2

Fri, 2014-04-25 09:14
Almost a year and a half ago, a woman on staff asked me to write a blog on being single. After 28 years of never having a boyfriend, I felt more than qualified to write it-plus it was something I was really passionate about. However, something was already changing  in my life then. A couple […]

What’s the Big Deal with Communion?

Wed, 2014-04-23 12:04
Each month the majority of us partake in what we call communion. I’ve gotten a lot of questions recently asking what the purpose and meaning of this “means of grace” actually it. David Mathis has written a very helpful article. I’ll quote it below in full.   The Lord’s Supper is an extraordinary meal. To […]

10 Tweets During #EasterAtHope

Tue, 2014-04-22 08:47
Over 14,000 people experienced Easter at Hope Community Church last weekend. These are a few of the many posts shared during the weekend. What a service! #EasteratHope — Jake Christoffersen (@J_t_C_3) April 20, 2014   2,438 kids heard how much Jesus loves them! #EasterAtHope #HopeKidCity #EasteratHope — KidCity (@hopeKidCity) April 22, 2014   Jesus […]

Easter 2014 Small Group Study

Fri, 2014-04-18 10:50
1. As you were growing up, how did you celebrate Easter? What did it mean to you? 2. As an adult, has the way you celebrate Easter changed? Why or why not? 3. How can we balance the fun traditions we grew up celebrating with truly celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ? Should we even […]

The Final Days of Jesus

Thu, 2014-04-17 09:38
Crossway Publishing has put together an excellent collection of videos that walks through the final days of Jesus. These videos are in conjunction with their new book “The Final Days of Jesus“.   Palm Sunday   Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday    

“Thief” Sermon Recap in 10 Tweets

Tue, 2014-04-15 10:46
A recap of Pastor Mike’s sermon, “Thief,” in 140 characters or less (10 tweets). 1. When they came to the place called The Skull, they crucified him, and the criminals, 1 on his right and 1 on his left. -Lk23:33 #Broken 2. 1 thief accepted Jesus, 1 in anger rejected him. He was right there […]

Why Are We Here? A Teenager’s Perspective

Mon, 2014-04-14 06:00
It has often been said that, as adults, we are to lead our next generation. This is true. We should love, teach model and support our youth…especially today’s generation. But I have learned, through my own teenagers and others, that sometimes they have way more to offer than us smart, wise adults think. My son, […]

Family Easter ideas to remember Jesus: Easter Week Activities

Sat, 2014-04-12 08:48
As parents we have an amazing opportunity to teach our children about Easter. It’s easy to put together an Easter basket with bunnies, candy and eggs and have it ready for your kids when they get up on Easter morning. It’s a little more difficult to come up with fun ideas to teach your kids […]

Broken week 4 small group study

Fri, 2014-04-11 15:56
Easter is next week. Who have you been able to invite to come for Easter? Who are you still praying for? 1. Where in your life do you most often find yourself comparing your circumstances to others? When do you find yourself saying, “That’s not fair!” to God? 2. Do you think we really want […]